A downloadable game

Death to the Living Dead

Made in 9 days for the IGOTW Jam


Space : Throttle.

Down Arrow : Break

Left and Right Arrow : Turning

Up Arrow : Change Camera

P / Escape : Pause 

Controllers probably supported, worth a go at least. 

Made by 3 Solo devs working together for the first time. It's been a blast. 


In a normal town something strange is going down. Zombies have risen and that's never good. The normal folk need the kind of hero who doesn't mind riding hard and knocking the life back out of the living dead. Thankfully you are just that kind of hero. Once the living dead are just dead once more their released spirits need to be lead back to a place of rest. Take them to the Church! They are your passengers and will follow in your wake, hoping to arrive at their destination and be freed from this mortal realm. Just don't touch them, it will not be to your liking if you do. Keep as many humans alive as possible and bring death to the living dead as fast as you can. 

We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it. 


Pdf, TheSoulSelector & Talluff

All original assets except for:

Some sound fx 




Death to the Living Dead.zip 38 MB
Death To The Living Dead_Post Jam 108 MB

Development log


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Really enjoyed trying this! the controls feel quite slick and make you feel awesome mowing down zombies. Awesome track too. At first all I wanted to do was mow down zombies and save people but once I got the goal of delivering the spirits it was nice to have something more than just mowing down the zombies. Which is super fun but would ultimately get boring quickly without that goal. 

Awesome work!

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